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    Friamat II

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Friatec's portable FRIAMAT II will allow you to have faster, easier installation performed right in the trench where space is extremely limited. For trackability, the barcode label of each coupling is also scanned with FRIAMAT II's reader wand. FRIAMAT II automatically determines the best electrical current and fusing time required and most importantly, the FRIAMAT II is more:

-Reliable: because it uses electricity to distribute heat uniformly around the coupling for a more uniformly sealed joint.

-Repeatable: as it automatically adjusts processing parameters for each coupling by accounting for the job-site conditions, such as ambient temperature, eliminating human error and ensuring that the seal is precisely to specification, every time!

-Verifiable: because it generates a fusion report for each fitting, empowering contractors with instant verification of seal integrity and comprehensive documentation for archiving.

-Trackable: as it allows you to retrieve fusion records and allows you to enter your GPS location.

Input Voltage Range: AC 95 V - 135 V
Frequency Range: 45 Hz. . . 66 Hz
Current Consumption: AC 30 A max
Power: 3.5 kW
Generator rated output, 1/2" CTS - 2" IPS, 3" IPS - 28" IPS : AC 2.0 kW, AC 4.0 kW
Equipment Fuse: 30 A slow acting
Casing: Enclosure class IP54 DIN 40 050, Protection class II DIN 57 700
Power Cable: 16' with 30 AMP twist lock plug
Fusion Cable: 13' with 4mm fittings plug
Bar Code: Made to ANSI HM 10.8M-1983, ISO CD 13950/08.94
Working Temperature Range: –4ºF. . .+ 122ºF*
Fusion Current Monitoring: Short circuit 110 A, Open circuit 0.25 x IN
Printer Interface: Parallel (D-Sub 25)
Fusion Voltage: Max AC 48 V

Width: 14.5"
Length: 11"
Height: 19"
Weight: 47 lbs
Weight with Transport Box: 57 lbs

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